We are not an art collective,
neither an innovation lab
and much less an advertising agency.
The reality is that we can’t define what we are,
because our solutions are always different.
But at least we are sure of one thing.
We are something & we are creative.


Only the true king of words deserve to be the Creative Concept Director of Felipa. So after studying Copywriting at Miami Ad School he ceased ruling the unreal Text, Storytelling and Writing Kingdoms and started working at Felipa.


Once upon the time Mr. Design, Mrs. Art Direction, Miss Illustration and Mr. Crafting decided to merge, became a person and to study Art Direction at Miami Ad School. Now that person is the former Creative Visual Director of Felipa, for real.


Although he is a Miami Ad School’s Art Director Graduate, his real passion is becoming a money maker. But by realizing that for a millionaire thug rapper life good rhymes are essential, he preferred to achieve his dream as the Creative Business Director at Felipa.

  • INFINITE Creative Services
  • SUBLIME Planning Strategy
  • INCANDESCENT Installations
  • RADIANT Activations
  • EXUBERANT Media Strategy
  • CHARMING Social Media
  • EXPLOSIVE Digital Development
  • COLOSSAL Brand Communication
  • OPULENT Product Development
  • DARING Advertising Campaigns
  • RESPLENDENT Logo Development
  • OVERWHELMING Graphic Design
  • FREAKING GREAT Art Direction
  • MIND BLOWING Innovation Ideas
  • AWESOME Creative Concepts
  • EPIC Copywriting & Storytelling
  • AMAZING Brand Construction
  • Tribeca Mexico City
  • Furia Buenos Aires
  • Agencia Roja Mexico City
  • JWT New York
  • AM Mexico City
  • Jung Von Matt Hamburg
  • Miami Ad School Mexico City
  • Le Bureau Stockholm
  • Olabuenaga Mexico City
  • EuroRSCG Mexico City
  • Terán/TBWA Mexico City
  • Publicis Mexico City
  • SimBNB Airbnb
  • Google Writer Google
  • The Sex Hotline Amnesty International
  • Google ReMind Google
something creative

Creating solutions is our speciality. The way we do it depends on what you need.

Knowing how the medium works elsewhere made us understand that Mexico has all the pieces to become a creative reference. It's on us to join all the pieces.

There are things done, things well done and our work.

Call us (+52 1 55) 67 24 00 87
Or tell us about your business@felipa.co
Unless you are searching for jobs@felipa.co
Either way, we can always be in contact@felipa.co